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 Here are some important notes:  

1. Absolutely no leaking, reselling, or sharing is allowed. You purchased this and this is for you only.

2. In case of chargeback, I will be forced to open a scam report and upload your personal information online (first and last name, IP address, email, address, and more). I am not trying to scare you or threaten you, it’s just so you know. 

Method #1 - Instagram shoutouts 

This method also doesn’t require any investment, other than a bit of research, and as always.. Dedication.

Here we will be selling Instagram shoutouts BUT don’t worry, you’re not going to grow your own account, spend hours upon hours getting followers, etc. 

Here we will be selling shoutouts on other people’s accounts, mark up the price and profit from it.
First step you have to do is find an account which you want to work with. Account size doesn’t matter, it can be 10k followers, 100k, 1 million, 10 million,etc.

You’re going to DM/email/contact them and ask for prices for shoutouts. Ask for:
- 12 hour shoutout
- 24 hours shoutout
- Shoutout + story post
- Shoutout + link in bio
- Shoutout + story post + link in bio

After they give you the prices, write them down and move on to the next step.

Before contacting them, make sure you check their engagement as you don’t want to work with an account which has fake followers, buys followers, likes, etc.

You can easily check engagement of a certain account using this site:

This is how it should look like if person didn’t purchase any followers: 

After you’ve checked their account to make sure they have a genuine following, you’re going to find people/products/software/businesses which you are then going to email and offer them a shoutout. Don’t worry, I will show you step by step how you can do that.

Head over to and paste this address - Then click on “Whois lookup” 

Then click on “Other sites on this IP”: 

After you’ve done that, you will see all websites which are powered by Shopify.

Those sites are e-commerce stores and people are buying from them.

You can see that there is very popular workout brand called Gymshark, extremely known clothing site called Fashionnova, and more.

But those sites are too big for us and we likely won't get any replies from them as they have a dedicated marketing team that is already advertising their products.

We’re going to scroll down and click on “View all records”:

Now you’re going to find a site which is in the same niche as the account we contacted for shoutouts. I contacted a survival account which showcases different survival tutorials, hunting products, etc, so I’m going to look for a store that is in that niche.

After a bit of research, I found this store:

Then I’m going to contact them and offer to promote their product on “my”page.  

If the account you contacted said they will do a 24 hour shoutout for $70, I’m going to contact JC custom flashlights and say how a 24 hour shoutout will cost them $100. Explain the benefits of advertising on IG, how everything works, etc. 

That’s it, I made $30 being the middleman and doing barely any work on my end. 

Method #2 - Selling your own product. 

This is one of my favorite methods as it requires $0 investment! You just need some dedication, eBay account and a PayPal account.

If you don’t have a PayPal account, simply make one (or buy one!). Same goes for eBay account. If your eBay account has been banned in the past, just make
a new one with a new PayPal using VPN. I recommend using NordVPN

Now go to and go to “Free products” section.  


I recommend free ebooks & software but you can use videos, templates, graphics, music as well.

Now you will go to eBay ( and register/login to an account.

Then we’re going to sell the item we got from Indigital Works. I prefer eBay but you can definitely sell it on many other platforms, such as Craigslist, LetGo, Facebook group and so on.

** Bonus: **

I like to use influencers and affiliate marketing for this method. You will essentially find the people in the same niche as your product is in, contact them and offer them to sell your product for a commission.

Let’s use this Copywriting software which gives you over 1,000+ fill-in-blanks 
which you can use for your internet business. This is especially good for copywriting freelancers who have an email list. 

While you probably wouldn’t purchase this, there are copywriting enthusiasts who are looking to expand their knowledge and would gladly pay for that software.

I found this copywriter on Twitter (he is probably building his personal brand) and I can simply email him and offer him to promote my product to his audience. 

My product = copywriting software
His account = copywriting niche 

His audience = copywriters / people who want to become copywriters.

See what’s going on? My product is perfect for them, and everyone wins.

You make money (without any investment), influencer makes money (commission) and people who buy get the software which helps them become better copywriters.

I used this as an example, you can do any niche, product, software, etc. It’s not hard at all, I just did it in front of you.

If you can’t find his email, subscribe to his email list and then once he sends out a new email, you will be able to see it.
+ He will see you’re on his list which will boost your chances of working with him.

Method #3 -  Crypto arbitrage 

this method we’re going to check prices of certain cryptos and buy/sell them for profit. This is not crypto trading, you don’t need to check any charts, have any prior experience, or everything like that.

First of all, go to and find a certain coin you want to arbitrage.

For this example, I will use Waves but you can check certain coins and see which ones will give you the most profit.

As you can see, price of 1 WAVES on Binance is $2.14. Then you can see that

price of 1 WAVES is $2.98 on Exrates. Price is like that at the moment, obviously, when you read this, price can be lower/higher or the same.

$2.98 - $2.14 = $0.84 profit per 1 Waves.

Now that obviously doesn't mean much, $0.84 profit is basically nothing, but keep reading please..

Now let’s say you invest $200 in this method.

You’re going to buy $200 worth of Bitcoin at 4% for $208 in total. Then you will head over to Binance (or whatever exchange is the best for your crypto), register an account, deposit your Bitcoin and purchase Waves.  


Then I would navigate to the 2nd exchange (Exrates in my case), send my WAVES and sell it on their platform for Bitcoin (BTC) and repeat the process. 

Method #4 - Gift Cards flipping  

This is an easy method that will help you to achieve $30-$50/day easily, let me get right into it. There are a lot of people that are selling their Amazon gift cards for cheaper (links for people who might sell them are in the Discord server). With that in mind, we easily flip your AGC to 90-95% value with one of my methods. 

People usually sell their cards for 65-75% value. If we
manage to flip it for 90%, wemade 15% profit.
In the Discord server there will be the complete method on how to sell them for 90-95%, but if you want to sell them for 80% easily without talking to people you
can sell them on a website like 

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