Free Amazon Gift Card Method

Amazon Gift Card

 Method #1: Explanation 

The method I am about to show you is a common one, but I have managed to perfect it to such a degree that I believe that my version of it far better than what 99.99% of people are doing. It is common knowledge that you can get Amazon Giftcards for far cheaper than their value because they are obtained through e-whoring and the seller usually wants to convert it to Bitcoin. Most people don’t want to go through the hassle of Purse or one of those other Bitcoin to Amazon order services that makes you wait weeks just to get your Bitcoin. Through trial and error, I have found interesting ways of increasing the profit marginals and shortening the time, so this process can be repeated at a fast pace and you can make a nice bit of profit. 

Method #1: Obtaining The AGC 

You can practically find AGC cards for far cheaper than their initial value on most marketplaces. The main ones I use are Paxful, Hackforums and other forums such as Ogusers, Nulled and MPGH. You can usually find people selling their cards for about 60-80% of the initial value. The lower the rate the larger the profit marginals increase. You unfortunately must be very cautious with scammers; it is a very common thing. If you are using a site like Paxful, do not release the Bitcoin until you have successfully used the card. 

Free Amazon Gift Card 

Here you see someone is selling a $500 USD Amazon gift card for $302 USD in Bitcoin. That means you can make up to 39% in profit. Unfortunately, the profit marginals also tend to increase vastly when you are trying to pick up lower amounts. *Be cautious for scammers, don't go first under any circumstance, make sure to ask for a receipt and make sure they provide one which specifies that the card was bought with cash or don't even risk dealing with them. Use to see if their image is photoshopped when providing a receipt. Also make sure the Amazon account has real orders on it or Amazon will shutdown your account simply for being suspicious. 

Method #1: Making Profit 

This is the part that I had to go through numerous trial and errors before getting a solid method to cashing out the AGC. - All you need to do is purchase a Best Buy gift card on Amazon, with the gift card balance that you just picked up then sell it back on that site. You can most of the time sell your gift cards back for roughly 87%, the best part is they let you accept your payment through Paypal which is very convenient as you can easily convert Paypal back to Bitcoin. If you were to buy an AGC for about 60-65%, selling it back for 87% gives you a 22-27% profit marginal. Which can be massive as you start to scale the method. - This is just a repeat of the previous site but instead of selling the Best Buy gift card off for Paypal, you can sell the gift card at a 83% rate for Bitcoin directly. If you picked up an AGC for about 60-65%, selling it back for 83% gives you a 29-33% profit marginal that you will receive in Bitcoin. Which is a huge deal especially if you scale this method and repeat it.

You are removing the massive wait time that most people experience and still making a far bigger profit then 99.99% of the people out there do. 

Method #2: Explanation 

This method requires $0 investment, however, in order to maximize your earnings it would be wise to invest around $20/monthly. This is 100% optional, I will explain why
later on. Method is pretty straight forward, you will be designing websites for your local restaurants, shops, etc. Now you are probably thinking, how the hell am I supposed to create a website when I have no idea about HTML, CSS etc. No worries, there is a simple website that will literally make websites for you. That website it called Wix (you probably heard of it), there are some alternatives like Weebly, SquareSpace but Wix is the best one in my opinion. Wix is a free site and on there you will be creating a website (I will explain how later on) for your local restaurants, clubs, etc. Everything you get is literally profit, since we have no investments or any other costs. 

Method #2: Getting Customers 

Before creating a website we need to find a restaurant (or anyone else) that desperately needs a new website. Those are usually your local restaurants that don't get much
online traffic. You will either go to the restaurant or e mail/call them then explain how
you are website developer & designer and that you would like to make them a new website for a cheap price.

Here is one example I got a few weeks ago:

You can clearly see, people want a new & improved website for their restaurant, shop, club, etc. Word of advice, it's 100 times better to call or show up than to
email, text, WhatsApp, whatever. People will take you 100 times more seriously if you show to the restaurant and explain what you do and how new & improved websites can help a restaurant. 

Method #2: Creating the website 

After you find owners that are willing to buy the website, head over to Wix and start creating it. I would suggest you searching for templates in restaurants & food category,
those are usually best ones for the type of website we are doing (they usually have contact form, online ordering...) in my opinion, the best templates are

• Vegetarian Restaurant (personal favourite)
• Coffee House
• Cooking School
• Bread Shop
• Italian Restaurant

List of all Restaurant & Food templates can be found here After you found template you like it's pretty straight forward, edit it a bit so it matches your restaurant description, edit address, contact, menu, etc. (be sure to ask your restaurant owner what do they want on the site & how do they want the site to look)

I will not go into much details since you just need to click the box and change the text/image but if you still need help please just contact me on Discord and I will help you
out as much as I can.

Here is an example website I created in literally 5minutes.

Method #2: Getting the payment 

This is a pretty nice way to make a buck without much effort. It pretty much involves you reselling certain accounts created with .EDU emails for profit. You can usually get .EDU emails for extremely cheap from a couple of cents to a quick dollar. You can search on practically any marketplace and you should be able to find someone with stock but if you have any trouble finding a reliable seller, just PM me and I will point you to the right direction.

You will then begin to list AutoCad memberships on Ebay or other marketplaces that you can sell this on.

An example:

Make sure to specify it is a “Student Version” in the description and also mention that the details will be shipped by eBay messages. Once you get a sail, you simply need to purchase or get an .EDU email and create and Autodesk account on this link.


From there, click next and then fill the next form with the info according to the .EDU email that you picked up. From there create the account and verify it. Once your account is verified. Click done and proceed. You will now be prompted to enter the details ofyour institution. Go ahead and proceed in entering your college details, If you don’t know which college your .edu emails belong to, Ask your seller.

Make sure to fill the other forms like this: 

Once you’re done. Click “Next” and then “Continue”. Now once you’re back to, Click “Download Now”.

Once you select it, make sure to select the correct version and model of AutoCad you are selling. 


Once you have selected, You will receive your installation and license keys in your registered .edu email. Like this: 
Once you receive all of these details, You will need to send this to your customer through eBay message or email him the details. Once you’re done, mark it as shipped, and you’re good to go. That’s all 

Method #3: Requirements

• Real Paypal Account
• Fake (UK) Paypal Account
• Real Ebay Account
• Fake (US) Paypal Account
• Paxful or LocalBitcoins Account

Method #3: Setup

Now you want to link your real eBay account with your real PayPal account. Make sure you have a bank account linked to PayPal and everything is confirmed so no problems come up later on when doing the method. This PayPal will be the one selling some random thing.

Make sure to no list any “High Risk items” on eBay. For example brands like Dre Beats are high risk whereas other brands like Abercrombie and Fitch are low risk. If you list a high risk item, your item will get delisted from eBay and you'll get suspended, so don’t do it. However, you can list unique items like different computer/motor parts, bundle items, gaming peripherals etc.

Ensure that the item you’re listing is “used” so it’s less likely that someone would buy it except for you. Also increase the item price by x2 of your initial investment.

Now you will need to use RDP service and follow the steps how to create your fake accounts using this document. Google gives you 300$ free credits to be used within 12 months so you won't be charged automatically once your credits are gone.

Here’s the tutorial on how to use the Google RDP & create a fake account:

Link has been removed. PM ME ON Discord or Skype for the tutorial.

Below is where you purchase the eBay cards with bitcoin. Either of these sites work well & have escrow:

Paxful is a lot easier to understand but you can also use 2nd link if paxful buyers are not available. Basically, you want to look for an offer that is over 3000 USD


You want to open a trade with the said user. After he gives you the eBay code, instantly start recording your screen and check if the gift card is valid on here:

Whilst still recording, you want to purchase the random item you listed from your real eBay account with the fake (UK) PayPal and (US) eBay.

When you successfully purchase the item, you can release your bitcoin the buyer. As easy as it sounds, now you have almost doubled your investment! The risk is minimal. Once the money is in your account you can either withdraw to your bank or exchange it for Bitcoin. If you eBay account is new you might get 21 day hold on your PayPal funds. In this case you should get an active tracking number that should reduce the hold to just a few days.

Try this website, make sure that the package on one of these active tracking number ships in the next few days:

Method #3: Tips

• If the rate sounds too good to be true, don't risk it
• If they insist you release BTC first, don't do it
• Before the transaction starts, begin recording your screen and if the code is invalid it'll be caught on footage, you can use this as evidence against the seller in a dispute Even if the reputation is good, it can still be dangerous as anyone can buy reputation or even fake it. After every successful order using the method please purchase something similar to the item you listed on eBay.

Method #4: Explanation

This method is a bit similar to the EGC and AGC one but instead of having to go through loopholes, this is a far straighter version.

You will be purchasing One Vanilla visa and mastercards for far less then their initial value on Paxful.

I am going to keep this one short and simple, most of the time sellers are selling at a 40-60% rate. You can treat these cards almost like credit cards, meaning that instead of having to run through hoops and finding ways to convert the balance and profit into Bitcoin or Paypal, you can instead just treat this card as a form of it’s own currency. Obviously, you can also do things like
send the money to yourself from a different Paypal or just use the card to pay for something. As always be cautious of scammers and never ever release your Bitcoin unless you have successfully used the card.

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