Money Making Methods For Broke Teens

Money Making Methods For Broke Teens

 Good reselling

Go to look for grails at local thrift stores. You can either buy a booth at a thrift shop or sell clothes/items online at sites like Grilled/Depop/Etsy. Try to avoid the big chains such as Goodwill and Salvation army since the independently owned ones are the most profitable. This takes practice to know what clothing will and won't sell, but a friend of mine makes GOOD money out of this while maintaining a part time job. This is could be considered semi-passive because once you get the clothes, you just wait until someone buys online. Good things to look for are brand clothes, shoes, calculators, electronic items, vinyl players and other items that are in.


Invest in bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies and start holding. Save your money, throw a few bucks into your wallet every now and then. Eventually you'll realize you have $500 saved for your next journey. It's never too early to start investing. I started out with just a few bucks that I slowly put from my early business ventures and have had steady and surprisingly good results.Investing in stocks or funds etc. is a way better to keep your funds from inflation compared to just letting them rot in your savings account with bad interest rates, if any. Even with bad weeks and price drops, btc has shown to be profitable year by year.

Clothing, streetwear

There are so many guides out there on how to resell street-wear, but the common misconception is that you need an expensive bot to get the stuff for you. Auto-fill apps exist along with affordable AIO bots. I'm not that invested into streetwear any more but if you're in the center of it you can certainly make an easy buck here an there. Thrift store flipping is fairly common, picking up great pieces at thrift stores and flipping them on Grailed/Depop for a good buck and also fun to do.

Niche Youtube Videos (Reddit Stories Videos)
The short explanation is that you will be running a YouTube channel where you will be uploading videos based on Reddit's subreddit Threads using Text-To-Speech to read the replies on that specific thread. There's a lot of more into this method and it requires no money, just some basic tools on your PC. You can find a great MANUAL video tutorial here:
You probably saw a lot of them in your recommendations, and here's an example: <- This one is automated, even a few thousand views per video will make you a lot especially when you upload multiple a day. My current GFX client does videos like these and I've done over 150 thumbnails for him. I've never personally done this method but I know how profitable it can be and it's easy to do. Making your reddit videos vertical so they're available for Youtube Shorts is a very fast way to grow your channel too.

EDIT: Since I have created this thread, I've talked to people who put this into use. Some of the people who used this method started doing this on Tiktok with some generic background footage like minecraft parkour or GTA race footage. Some of my friends are pulling $50 a day with this. Easy money to be made and can be easily automated.

Extra: Recycling Bottles (Scandinavia, Croatia, Estonia, Germany, Lithuania & The Netherlands Only)

We have this thing in Northern Europe where you get money back for recycling a plastic bottle. For example, $0.25 for a 0.5L plastic bottle, $0.2 for a metal can, $0.15 for glass bottles and $0.5 for 1.5l bottles.
If you're in one of those countries mentioned you've probably done this already. I used to get pocket change as a kid just by collecting and recycling bottles and some of my friends made hundreds just by collecting bottles on a busy summer night in the city when everyone's drinking. There are usually homeless/immigrants doing this where I live and they make a living out of it, but it aint the nicest job. But if you're young, full of energy and have no shame, you can make easy money with it.

Reminder: Do not gamble. You'll thank me later.
When I started getting profits, I used to gamble a lot and usually lost more than half of my payroll that way. Even though it's pocket change at first, it will add up. Do not gamble, it will become a bad habit even though you could win at first. Please keep this in mind.
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