How To Make 50-200$ a Day! Very Smart with Telegram


How To Make 50-200$ a Day! Very Smart with Telegram

Telegram is becoming one of the best places to earn money online[/b]. as you can see now days most of people try to grow their telegram !

What is a Telegram channel?

Telegram channel is a tool in Telegram to create themed groups and broadcast any content to subscribers. Telegram channel is similar to the Facebook group in its concept. There you can share any content – posts, texts, images, special offers, etc. The only difference is that users can’t publish their content or messages on the channel. All publications can be made only by admins, it’s a one-way broadcasting tool. But subscribers can view your posts (you can see how many of them have viewed each post), participate in polls, and click the links.

What is a Telegram group?

Telegram group is a tool to engage with subscribers. It’s basically a group chat where you can exchange messages with members. It’s more similar to WhatsApp groups. It’s hard to use groups for content broadcasting due to the chaotic nature of groups (a lot of people can send messages at the same time). The good thing about groups is that it is possible to get user-generated content and feedback from clients or users.

Summing up, Telegram channels are used for sharing content and Telegram groups – for chatting with users.

                            PRIVATE METHOD


Yes people do make money with a Telegram channel? 

Telegram doesn’t pay for channels or groups themselves, there is no monetization program inside it. However, in late 2020 it was announced that Telegram monetization will be launched any time soon. The messenger is planning on introducing ads in the public channels.

But even without an official monetization opportunity, Telegram is one of the most popular platforms for advertising. People already make thousands of dollars per month by selling their products, services, or ads on Telegram channels.

1. Sell your services and products

Whether you are an affiliate seller (Amazon, Aliexpress, Flipkart) or you have your own brand, you can always promote your products and services to a large audience registered in Telegram and get new clients via this social platform. 

It’s basically the same as running social media (Facebook, Instagram), but you have a much higher engagement rate. The view rate in Telegram channels can be around 30%, while it’s lower than 10% on other social platforms. Telegram is a content-oriented platform, so to be on top of the business, you need to think about the needs of your users and give top-notch content to please them.

As a bonus, your followers get constant notifications on your updates by default. No need to set notifications manually in the app. It means users won’t miss your offers, news, updates, discounts, etc.

Of course, the more members you have in the channel, the higher chances you have to get new clients online and make money on Telegram. Don’t forget Telegram is a new marketing tool and there is a solid chance to face a lower level of competition.

You can even automate the sales process with bots. Telegram bots can help you to make money with fewer efforts – collect and process orders, get contact numbers from users, accept payments, inform about special offers, give instant customer support, consult users, schedule appointments, etc. Gladly, the basic functionality of Telegram bot builders is free.

If you don’t have any products or services to sell, then consider the most popular ideas for Telegram channel monetization: sell educational, marketing, or consulting services; join affiliate programs on Amazon, Aliexpress, Flipkart, Udemy, or another platform to create a niche store (electronics, clothes, shoes, books, etc). Put some effort and watch Telegram earnings grow.

2. Sell ads

Posting ads and paid posts in your Telegram channel or group is one of the most popular ways of Telegram monetization. If you have more than 50k members, you can easily sell any promotional posts with links to other Telegram channel owners. Usually, the price of advertising depends on a few factors: duration of promo and number of channel members.

Prices can range somewhere between 1-48 hours long promo publication. The shorter time – the small price – the smaller effect for the client. Most Telegram channel or group owners aim for 24 hours long publications, so it’s better to make your price for this duration the most attractive.

The same math works for the number of channel/group members. The more subscribers you have, the higher price you can charge. You can easily earn up to $500-700 per month by promoting other channels and products. But to get that result your channel has to have good content, so your members and followers will be engaged with the content you publish. The most popular Telegram channels earn a few thousand of dollars online per month by selling paid posts with links to other channels.

3. Paid Subscription

Sell the access to premium or valuable content to your users. It usually works that way – you have a public channel to get a large base of followers and a private channel with premium content. Access to the private channel is allowed by the special link to members who pay subscription fees regularly. This way you can charge people monthly and get a constant source of income. Popular examples of Telegram channel monetization by subscription: betting tips for sport (cricket, soccer, etc), trading channels with signals (Forex, Crypto), educational resources 

There are services like fatherBOT and others that are free to use on your channel to keel the channel clean and do more things google about it more 

4. Sell your channel

That’s right! If you have enough members in your Telegram channel, you can sell it to someone else. Set a good price and make cash by transferring your ownership to your potential client. After that, you can go and create another channel, grow it… and sell it again! That’s a whole different business on Telegram. Income from one channel can be easily from $50 to $5000. The more members you have with a good engagement rate, the higher price of the channel can be.

5. Offer paid services: 

If you have expertise or skills that can be valuable to others, you can offer paid services through Telegram. For example, you can provide consultancy, coaching, or tutoring services and use Telegram as a platform for

communication and delivery. Create a channel or a separate private group to engage with your clients and provide your services.

6.Sell digital products or courses: 

Create and sell your own digital products such as eBooks, online courses, guides, or templates. Use Telegram as a platform to market and sell these products to your subscribers. Provide exclusive access, updates, or discounts to incentivize purchases.

7. Provide trading or investment signals: 

If you have expertise in trading or investing, you can provide paid signals or insights through Telegram. Subscribers will pay for access to your recommendations or analysis related to financial markets or specific assets.

The math is simple: more members = more income.

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