Passive Income Secret Method earn Daily $50


Passive Income Secret Method earn Daily $50


If you know me or have read (or reviewed) any of my HQ methods before, then you already know that what you’re about to read isn’t even close to the usual garbage methods you find online about making fast money.

That’s right. What I’ll do is I literally walk you through the complete process of how I PERSONALLY make over $100 a day by having to work not more than 2.5 hours!

Cutting to the chase, I will show you how to create your own Gaming News website/blog; Setting up viral articles, adding your ads from Ad Networks, you will be surprised at how much these quick and easy steps can make and change your life completely.

So without further ado, let’s get started and MAKE SOME MONEY!

To your success! 

Why Gaming News Blog Is A Great Business To Be In? 

If you have a passion for gaming and want to help other people enjoy the games they play, then you should definitely start an online business related to gaming.

I teach people to build websites about their own personal interests, and one of the topics I get asked about most often is video games. It covers a huge range of topics, but that’s the beauty of starting an online business in the video game industry – there’s something for everyone.

Making money online with video games is highly profitable, there is a massive amount of growing global interest and if you can provide quality content about competitive games, people will start visiting your blog frequently and money will come to your pocket.

There are hundreds of possible niches within the gaming industry that you could potentially choose to start your gaming website about (Virtual reality, Metaverse, Mobile gaming, Game design…etc).

With this guide I want to walk you through the whole journey of how to make a successful video games news blog. I’ll show you how i planned the site, structured the articles and made some decent money on the side. I want to promise you: It is much easier than it looks. So, how do you create a gaming ews website?

Method Requirement:

▪ Hosting and Domain from Bluehost

▪ A nice WordPress Magazine theme

▪ Articles

▪ Ad Network account 

Get Some Hosting And a REAL Domain! 

First thing you need is is a top-level domain (.com), so make sure you pick a catchy name for your Gaming News website that will match your niche.

Now you need a sweet hosting package. I personally use Bluehost, It’s $3.95 a month so I can’t complain about that.

Want to know the best part?

You get a free domain, so no messing around with weak and unappealing domains like (

Once at Bluehost I suggest using the starter plan to begin with. 


Once selected you want to choose your free domain. 

Installing Wordpress: 

After you’ve gone through the payment section you want to login to the cPanel (emailed to you). Scroll down and find “Install WordPress” Click it and watch the magic happen.


                  Now click Credentials.


This part is very Important. Save the credentials because you need them to login. You can change them in the settings sections once logged into WordPress.

Now go to and login.

Finding a Clean Theme 

This could make or break your Gaming News website. The aim for this site is to have all focus on the adverts. You want a clean theme with no clutter. I’m taking VERY basic.

Find a decent Wordpress Magazine theme, chuck a logo up on it from fiverr or if you have the funds or knowledge customize the look and feel a little.

Some of the best themes i recommend called “Metro Magazine” it is a free, SEO, and mobile-friendly theme.


Install the theme by going to Settings > Themes > upload theme. upload the zip file you downloaded.

Most themes come with a bunch of clutter in the sidebar, get rid of all that for now. 

WordPress News Plugins 

After you’ve installed your WordPress theme, you may still be looking for ways to extend the functionality of your site to meet your needs. That’s where plugins come in. Let’s look at two bigwigs in the market.

PostX – Gutenberg Blocks for Post Grid

By using this plugin you can create or customize Gaming News blog, you can add post Listing Blocks, Post Slider Blocks, Post Carousel Post grid blocks, News Blocks, and Magazine Blocks to your current theme without writing a single code. 

WP Latest Posts

WP Latest Posts is another popular and useful WordPress Plugin. you can post content like posts, pages, tagged content, or custom post type to a beautiful- looking slider. 

Building the Website 

After creating all essential pages (Homepage, about, contact us, privacy policy) you need to add content, This part is important. This is the content you are trying to make money from. I would recommend adding at least 15 posts. Now don't just pinch other Gaming News websites content as you may get into trouble with Ad Networks. Go look at & and get ideas from there and rewrite the posts, If you have bad copywriting skills just hire a writer from fiverr there’s plenty around.

If you can’t do both! Don’t worry there’s another twist which is rewriting articles using bots ☺

Free online rewriting websites:

Go to the post section and “Add New”. Set a featured image for all articles (Make sure you use no copyrighted ones) and make them look appealing. Since the sites basic we need something to make it look half decent.

Website to get no copyright images:  

Gaming Website Monetization: 

In general, the first thing that people think about when talking about blog monetization is ads. Banner ads and their cousins are a decent source of income for most sites. I have had the best success from Adsense, Taboola, Propellerads.

Now there are plenty more networks out there so you can play around with this a little.

If you have decided to apply for Google Adsense, I highly recommend you follow all the steps mentioned in this video tutorial (link below), because Adsense approval is a little bit difficult.
Another great source of income is affiliate marketing; there are lots of affiliate marketing programs out there. I recommend you start with ClickBank and MaxBounty since they have a variety of products you can promote.

For your personal blog, try to do the same. Only recommend products that you can really get behind and you will make some pocket money as well.

Getting Traffic 

Now that you have your website ready, it’s time to start getting visitors to the website. This method will rely on Reddit traffic to earn $MONEY$.

You may be thinking “What is reddit? And Why?”

Reddit combines web content, a forum, and a social network into one giant beast of a platform. Registered members can contribute to the site with content such as images, text, videos, and links. All content on the site can be voted up or down by other members.

This meritocratic system ensures that interesting content rises to the top and uninteresting content falls into an abyss. As a result, Reddit is the birthplace of most internet memes and viral sensations.

After creating valuable content there is a greater probability of more people visiting your site and sharing valuable information across the social media channels. And you’re also building high-quality backlinks that will drive you direct traffic for a long time (You can get the huge traffic to your blog). 

How does it work?

First things first, you need to create an account: Reddit thrives on anonymity. Mostusers don’t use their real names or birth year in their usernames, and it’s strongly discouraged.

It’s easy to create an account. You just need an email address, a username that isn’t already in use, and a password.

Join Gaming News Subreddits

You will need to find niche related subreddits to post on. For Gaming News, you can easily find them by typing into Google “Gaming News Reddit”. Here are some

I’ve found with decent traffic and subscribers:

• 1. r/pcgaming

• 2. r/buildapc

• 3 r/GameDeals r

• 4 /gamedetectives

• 5 r/patientgamers

• 6. r/battlestations

• 7. r/MechanicalKeyboards

• 8. r/Gaming4Gamers

• 9. r/GirlGamers

• 10. r/gamingnews

Collecting Karma

Due to the anonymity, Reddit uses “karma” to establish the credibility of users, Every user’s profile shows the number of karma points they’ve accrued.

As your karma increases, so does your influence on the site. The more karma you have, the more seriously other users will take you.

Building up karma on Reddit takes time and dedication, so aim to contribute.

positively and often

Start Posting on Reddit  

First, choose a good and valuable post from your website (latest Gaming News article that will go viral) It would be a quality post; Put some time into making sure it's factually correct. Then create a post on Reddit with the relevant and unique description.

To share a new post, just head to a subreddit and click “Create Post” under the subreddit title and description.

There are three main types of posts that you can share on Reddit: Post, Image & Video, Link.


Here you can post your original content link to drive direct traffic from Reddit to your website, So Make sure that the link to your post is appropriately placed. Ultimately, it will help you increase your chances of getting organic shares/links to your website.

(Optional) Buy upvotes

Buy upvotes for that Reddit post: So this is kind of the “secret” trick. Invest in aome upvotes, This will get your post to the top and make it seen by More People.

Why this works?

Imagine receiving 500+ visitors per post, which is easy to get from reddit with a post with a decent number of upvotes. This would generate anywhere between $10-$50 per day, depending on the Ad Network you work with. and if your post became "Viral" in the subreddit- This isn’t that hard actually, You will eventually generate unlimited traffic to your website and scale your earnings.

So if you truly want to make big $$$ from this method, you can create multiple posts and take advantage of them.

Good Luck :)

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