NEW AFK Money Method Earn $400 Monthly

Money Method Earn $400 Monthly

Why would a company pay me to use my internet? 

Companies generally use publicly available information (for example, product prices) for detailed research and financial analyses. But in many cases, when companies use their IP address to browse the Internet, they can get inaccurate data. So getting the web page from a user’s IP
address helps companies see the web as regular users see it – ensuring complete and accurate data.

Here are some examples of when companies get more accurate information from websites by using different IP addresses:

– To protect their brand: Are sites selling fake versions of my product?

– To protect their users: Are advertisers showing ads for products I don’t allow (e.g. firearms)

– To offer the best prices: What are the real prices

Why would I recommend it?

You are paying X amount of money for your internet, either way, you do this, or not you are paying a fixed
price, using more or less amount of GB the price will be the same. So why not get paid for the bandwidth
you don't use and make some extra cash, plus most of them have an idle detector, so if they detect your
computer/smartphone is idle doing nothing it will start earning :D. So it means, if you are a gamer, it will never interrupt your gaming session 😎

How much can I make?

I have been using these companies for approximately 4 months and I can say they are safe, secure, and good-paying. I have made every single month around 400-450usd in PASSIVE income. In total, after 4 months I have earned 1.717usd. They do an almost daily giveaway of
boosters so you can even get MORE money ;) 

Apps that make us Earn Money:  

1- Peer2Profit. (BEST)
It's my personal favorite because it's the
HIGHEST paying one ;). It also accepts ALL types
of IPs, such as DataCenter so if you have any spare VPS/RDP you can install this there and earn even more. They support Linux, Windows, macOS, Android

Payment methods: 

Proof :

Money Method Earn $400 Monthly

2- EarnApp. 

Money Method Earn $400 Monthly

3- PacketStream.  

Payment Method:

Paypal PROOF:

Money Method Earn $400 Monthly

4- IpRoyal PAWNS

Payment Method:Varies between countries but in the US:
Use my link and get 1$ free

Money Method Earn $400 Monthly

 5- Traffic Monetizer. 

Payment Method:
Paypal Payoneer BTC Skrill WebMoney USDT Payeer 


Money Method Earn $400 Monthly

6- HoneyGain 

Payment Method:
BTC Paypal JumpTask (their own Crypto Partner)  


Money Method Earn $400 Monthly

7- Repocket Free 5$ 

Payment method:

How to optimize your earnings As I have said, I'm going to explain how to optimize your earnings, use a free trial and get a bunch of VPS Like, google cloud AWS Azure, these websites where it's easy to get free accounts.

Also using Residential VPNs will increase earnings a LOT. I recommend:

Thanks ;)

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