Make $200+ Daily Selling Gift Cards Blackhat


Make $200+ Daily Selling Gift Cards Blackhat

[Method] How to Make $200+ daily - Try it Right away

This method works for everyone and you can make anywhere between $200-$1,000 in a day by just contributing an hour.
I've been doing it since the last 6 months and it works like wonder. Here's a detailed guide for you:

Step 1

We will be using the following sites (Open Accounts Here If You Dont Have One Already): 

• Binance
• Paxful

Step 2

This is where we will selling the gift cards
• Once all accounts are open Login to Gameflip
• Click on "Sell" in the top right
• Select "Gift Cards"
• Select "Amazon"
• You will now need to verify your address and have your sellers account fully approved
• Once you submit your details, to speed the process up, use the online chat in the bottom right, They can approve you straight away.
• You should be fully approved now.
• Now have a look and you can see the price people are selling Amazon gift cards for.

• Make note of these numbers
• Just to add - I prefer to buy and sell $200 - $500 giftcards but only because the profit margin is higher. The average person on Gameflip will be selling a $200 giftcard for $180.

 Step 3

This is where we will be buying the gift cards
• Login to Paxful
• Click "Sell Bitcoin" at the top.
• Select "Discounted Gift Cards"
• Scroll half way down the page where you will see better offers
• Look for "Amazon Gift Card" or whatever gift card you       are interested in
• Look for the offer with the highest discount.
• When you see the seller username on the left, click on their username and verify their history. I normally open this in a different tab. Check their feedback to make sure they are a good seller.
• Once you have verified the seller, click on "sell" on the far right.
• As you load the page you will see "I will receive Amazon Gift Card*" 

• Type in the value you want, underneath it will tell you how much you will be paying in
bitcoin. Make note of this. For my example, i can see that I can get a $200 gift card for $128
• What this means is that you will need approximately $133 worth of bitcoin to purchase
this gift card.
• Make note of the amount of bitcoins required and add a tiny bit on as there is a 3% escrow

Step 4

A few points to note
• At the moment you know that people are buying $200 giftcards on Gameflip for $180
• You also know that on Paxful you can buy a $200 giftcard for $130.
• There are fee's for Gameflip but if you subscribe, you will make your money back straight away after one deal and it reduces your fee's. (Hub for Gamers. Learn & Train | Buy & Sell-Gameflip)
• on a $200 giftcard you will make between $30-40 profit

Step 5

How to buy the gift cards
• Go back to your notes, see how much the Paxful seller is selling the giftcard for (in BTC)
• Go to your Binance account, purchase that amount of Bitcoins (do a few dollars more)
• Transfer this money to your Paxful wallet (you can also use paxful itself to buy bitcoins that you will trade for amazon gift cards)
• Go to the seller you found earlier and buy the gift card. You can also use the secret website

Step 6

How to sell the giftcards
• Now you have the Giftcard from the seller on Paxful
• Go back to Gameflip and repeat the steps provided earlier on selling an Amazon giftcard.
• The next steps should be straight forward, now your listing is ready.
• Sit back and relax and watch the money come in.
Few additional points
• All money goes into Escrow on Gameflip and Paxful
• You will make your own connections with good sellers on Paxful. I prefer to keep everything through there to offer me protection. There are lots of great sellers but also
some scammers
• Gameflip will hold your money before they release it. As your sales increase, the time your money is held gets reduced.
• I've spoken about Amazon giftcards but i sell the full range - PSN, Amazon, Starbucks etc. Secret Site: If you need higher profit margins, buy giftcards from at half the price of the giftcard. They have limited giftcards but you make more profit. Also
note, the higher the amount of giftcard the higher your profit margin and no verification needed. 

Happy Earning! If you get stuck somewhere, feel free to message me and I'd be happy to help.
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