How To Sell Fake Designer clothes and get rich

 How to make money on Depop! (HQ Method with Bonus Tips+Proof) 

See all these people on Depop making money from
reselling their designer clothes? They’re all fake. These
are just a few of my successful learners who have made income from this HQ method. I compiled this guide to
show how to make a successful business out of buying
and selling replicas like all these people have above,
and you will also find bonus tips here and there on how
to not get banned by Depop or where to source the
perfect replica item. I will try to explain everything in this
guide as fully as I can, but any further questions, I am
available to contact on my Discord (at the top of this guide) most of the time and will be happy to help.Quick story that I just remembered while finishing the guide: my friend did this for a long period of time and received so much positive feedback from customers that he got invited to a garden party hosted by Depop execs/employees for “being a great seller” :p

Step 1 - Purchasing 1:1 replica clothes 

● The best place to get high quality clothes tends to be from Chinese sellers (there are even some cases where the “replica” comes from the same production line as the authentic). How do you order from said Chinese sellers,
you may ask? To understand how to obtain the clothes, we are going to need to gain a small understanding of a subreddit called /r/FashionReps. This subreddit is a heavily active group of people, mainly 12 year old weebs who try to flex with fake supreme box logo and yeezys, but also a very useful starting point for your venture into this business. (do not mention selling replicas as real on this forum as it is looked down on even by people who do it themselves). The way they purchase the clothes is by buying them off a Chinese e-commerce site called Taobao (a bit like eBay). Unsurprisingly, the website is in Chinese and only ships to China/some other Asian countries so
many people overcome this by using the services of an agent to place the order to a local address in China and send them onwards to you internationally. Do your own research on which agents to use by lurking around on the subforum as some appear to be cheaper than others and some appear to be better for different countries. 

● There are also many other subreddits related to more specific areas of replica fashion, such as DesignerReps, RepLadies and there is even a subreddit where you can buy sell or trade replicas that you have purchased. This is
easier as the buyer will be in your country thus saving a lot of time, but I prefer to buy brand new clothes directly.


● A recommended agent which is widely used by most of the people on the forum is Superbuy, which is renowned for its English-speaking support staff and its free Quality Control photos that you receive when an item arrives at the warehouse. If you wish to, you can create an account here (non-referral) and if you want to you can also use my invite code, which is wapQjn.

● Do NOT use DHGate to buy replicas. They are always either shitty replicas or they are batches sold on Taobao with prices marked up.

● READ THE FORUM. There is a lot of seriously valuable information on there which is constantly updated and it can show you which websites/sellers are reliable, which
delivery line to use, and much more information that would be too much to cover here. I would also greatly recommend posting a QC post on the subreddit for when
your clothes arrive as there are people on there who are experts at checking clothes and they will tell you whether or not there are any gaping flaws/whether or not you should get an exchange.

● One word. Shoes.

● If you are completely confused and don’t have a clue where to start, there is a starter guide here which shows you how to place orders using Superbuy and explains in great detail what everything is.

Step 2- Sourcing proof of “authenticity”.

● One way to get a guaranteed sale is by using a fake receipt to further persuade the customer that the product is real. You may use whatever method you are comfortable with for generating fake receipts, but I use
a website called RepFinesse (here) which can generate 1:1 receipts for many clothing sites, such as StockX, Farfetch and many many more sites. At time of writing, 10 receipts are $50 on special offer and can be paid for through Bitcoin or PayPal.

Step 3- The actual selling part 

● Create an account on Depop and list the product that you have for sale at a price slightly lower than retail but still high enough for you to be making a profit. Don’t be afraid to list it as authentic and make sure to include screenshots of your receipt to truly convince people of the authenticity. 
● Use hashtags and fully describe the item, emphasizing that it is brand new with tags and authentic for example. Once it is listed, it shouldn’t take long for somebody to show interest. Never do meetups and may be useful to have social engineering skills to persuade the buyer if

Step 4- Collecting payment

● This is the part where the procedure gets a bit more involved. Depop regulations force the buyer/seller to converse through the app and make payment through the app to ensure that the buyer has full rights if they find out they have been sold a counterfeit product or something goes wrong.

● The best technique is to use social engineering skills to persuade the buyer to make payment off the app, preferably through PayPal Friends and Family to ensure they have zero comeback if anything goes wrong. Note that Depop can occasionally warn you for trying to get people to make payment off the app, which could result in your account being terminated if this happens too often.

● If you have a 1:1 replica which is unlikely to be called out as fake, you can take payment through the app if you are comfortable with that but the seller will be able to get a refund of their money if they find out it is fake. I once sold a fake Supreme backpack complete with Supreme
email confirmation and took payment through the app. It has been about 4 months and I have received zero problems with Depop/the buyer and a 5 star review from the buyer who told me that it “seems legit with the tags and everything”. :kappa:

● TL;DR, try to take payment outside the app if you can but it isn’t very important as the chances of getting caught are highly unlikely. Also, one method I would recommend is leaving them feedback as a buyer before they actually receive the item, say general compliments such as “prompt payment”, “would definitely do business with again”, then they will feel inclined to leave one back before they have even received the item. And that about covers the entire method! It is very simple once you get to know and it can generate large amounts of income after a short period of time. Any questions/proof, ping me on my Discord which is at the top of the first page.

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