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Making an online web shop

Register an account on the website Come up with a cool name for your shop that deals with shoes. Below are some names you guys can use if you’re having a hard time coming up with some.

• Unhipkicks
• Dopeshittowear
• Fucktheseclothes
• Jordans4dalow

You get the idea on kewl and hip names. You can use big cartel to set up an ecommerce website to look like anything that you would like. It is very simple you just add products you don’t need to buy a plan with big cartel but it does pay off as you can have a lot more items being sold and the premium features. There is other ways you can setup a website you can get a 88cents domain from and use wordpress and woo commerce I like what you can do with woo commerce but I suggest big cartel for people who don’t have experience in using web hosting and setting up websites. 

Setting up a business model 

You should setup a business model as it helps you’re with organization and also will help you and your online shop progress more if you have a model and a plan you should do some research on other similar companies’ business models that are successful. I use for making a business
model online.

Make Your own clothes

You should also consider making your own clothes to sale on your website it will help you create a brand for yourself and generate revenue and also more sales for shoes if you do this. Especially if you’re getting huge for reselling shoes that’s great traffic for you to make even more money off of. There are multiple ways on how you can make your own clothes for example: heat press machines, screen printing, dtg printing, and more just explore the options and maybe consider doing .  

Getting shoes for insanely low Prices

Facebook groups

There are local facebook groups where a lot of people sale there shoes and this is very good when shoes that go out of stock easy where you can get an amazing deal to sale the shoe back and make more profit than what you bought it for before buying a shoe you should do your research on the price it cost and how much it is worth you only want to invest your hard earned money into things that seem to be appreciating and nothing that goes down in value.


People also sale their shoes on Instagram but be cautious when dealing with these people sometimes it
could be a scam but you can find amazing deals for a very low price to sale.

Getting discounts from actual company buying in bulk

You can also contact Nike,Addias,Supreme or other companies directly and see if you can get a huge discount for buying shoes in bulk.

Buying from wholesale websites

You can buy from sellers on websites like and for a
very low price and a lot of times you can even get a free sample of the shoes or clothing to test the quality just let them know how you’re a serious buyer who is looking for bulk orders in the future and want a sample unit to test the quality of the shoes.

How to sell your shoes 

Below are following websites and links on where you can advertise your product I was going to type out how to do this but it would be a whole new guide itself and there is enough information offered freely on the internet on how to do this.


There are many services on hackforums for getting to front pages of certain sub reddits and you can use that to your advantage


It is very easy to sell on ebay you just need to make sure that the shoes your selling are real and legit. 


depending on if your in a major city or not you should be able to sell shoes and clothes on craiglists very


Craiglist is sometimes not enough so I post my shoes on wallapop

Social Media

You should also try to build a brand for yourself and post all your new products on social media and follow people and pages who love shoes.

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