How To Make 300$ Daily Online


How To Make 300$ Daily Online

Digital Product Sales Guide

  • Hey there! Thank you for taking the time to read this guide on digital product sales and how to create a stream of income that pays you even when you sleep. I’d like to preface by saying I’ll be going into a lot of detail surrounding the digital product market, and how to keep your business thriving once you’re up and running. There are some stories, tutorials, and tips and recommendations in this guide, so please take note of them all and make sure you fully understand them before you move on to the next section.
  • The process itself is simple, but there are some factors of the business model that you need to understand if you want to truly succeed. This is a fantastic opportunity for anyone who is an aspiring entrepreneur and wants to make a living in e-commerce. So, keep reading and get ready to take action!
  • I have been selling on eBay & Amazon for over 6 years now, full-time. About 3 years ago I branched out into the world of digital products, since then I have generated over £800,000 in sales, and made £320,000 in profit… that’s from digital products alone! I have gained a lot of insight and experience, and I can see that there is massive potential for growth in the market, which means there’s lots of money to be made.
  • You may be asking yourself “So if this guy is making this sort of money, why is he sharing his methods? Surely it will get over-saturated fast!”. Well firstly I am a Samaritan by nature, I strive to help others achieve their goals and I enjoy providing opportunities for people who are willing to take action. I also have a great understanding of the digital product market which gives me confidence in sharing these strategies & methods without the worry of the market becoming over-saturated. The amount of growth this market will experience over the next few decades is going to be astronomical, this will in-turn create countless opportunities for thousands of people to generate income online. I’ll explain more about the markets’ growth later on.
  • By the end of this guide you will have all the knowledge you’ll need to start earning a serious income, and hey, after a few months of consistent hard work you might even be able leave your 9-5 job. Be prepared to put in the work though, don’t think this is going to come easy, because it’s not. However, I guarantee if you consistently put in a few hours of work each day, you’ll master the process, create your own strategies and before you know it, you’ll be working the job of your dreams. You will be able to manage your store from wherever you are in the world with nothing but a laptop and an internet connection. Sounds great, right?
  • I recommend you read over this guide multiple times until you understand the process like the back of your hand. If you do this, the process will become 2nd nature and you’ll be able to add your own twists to make it more personalized. If you end up getting a bit lost at some point throughout your journey, return to the guide and read over it again to refresh your memory.
  • So, now that is out the way, let’s get into the guide!

 Starting Out

  • Starting anything new can be a daunting task for most people. I have started many new jobs and business ventures without knowing what the future will hold. It’s scary, especially when you have no savings to fall back on – you feel trapped and it’s so difficult to claw your way out of it. So, if you currently have a job which provides consistent income – STICK TO IT! Make this your second priority, don’t rush it.
  • That might sound like common sense, but when you start seeing money coming in from your sales, you’ll feel on top of the world, you’ll want to share your new found success with everyone and you’ll most likely have cravings to staple your resignation letter onto your boss’s forehead... I know I did lol. Success is basically guaranteed if you follow my guide, but there’s always the chance things can go from 100 to zero real quick. Overnight you can go from bringing home £20k a month to £0 just like that. Don’t let that put you off though, I’ve been through account suspensions, PayPal limits and all sorts of issues in my time as a reseller, and I’ve managed to figure out strategies to overcome these hurdles time and time again.
  • So just keep focused, don’t lose sight of your dreams, and put in the work every day. You’ll be surprised how early things can start working if you keep up a consistent work rate.

eBay and Customer Service

  • I have a love-hate relationship with eBay, I have had my ups and I’ve had my downs with them, however, through this I’ve come to learn that every card eBay has dealt me has come as a result of my actions. For example, here’s a short story of some mistakes I made which all collated and resulted in a huge setback:
  • When I first started selling digital products, my customer service was not up to par. I would prioritize other tasks before my customers which led to negative feedback and many, many cases raised against me. I was getting so many orders that it was too much for me to handle and it was catching up to me very fast. The thing is, I didn’t want to hire anyone to help because I wanted to keep costs to a minimum.
  • I learned the hard way though because 3 months after I had added digital products to my store, eBay put a restriction on my account. I had over 4000 feedback scores and a 100% positive rating. But as soon as that restriction hit, it all came to a screeching halt. I had worked so hard for years to build up my reputation selling physical items for it to all come crashing down a few months into my new venture. Within seconds my selling privileges had been taken away, every listing on my store was permanently removed, all my funds in my PayPal were put on hold and I had to pay my eBay fees immediately.
  • As soon as I saw the email, I called eBay’s customer service to find out what was going on. (Let me just say, eBay has incredible customer service for both sellers and buyers, 99% of the time if you explain your situation to a rep over the phone or on live chat, you’re not in the wrong – they will side with you and resolve your issue(s) extremely fast.) The rep on the phone was very helpful and explained why this restriction was placed on my account. Unfortunately, as I had built up a mass of refund/return cases, it triggered eBay’s AI system which resulted in my account being restricted.
  • An internal investigation was raised which went on for 3 days. They were the longest 3 days of my life… Cut to the 3rd day, I received a call from eBay and they tell me my account was to be indefinitely suspended from selling, effective immediately. I was absolutely heartbroken. 3 years of brutally hard work, were gone in a flash.
  • The universe has a very consistent habit of leveling things out. I may have lost one of my main sources of income, but I learnt a valuable lesson from it. If you want to run a successful business, if you want to flourish in your market, and beat your competition, you need to understand this:


If I would have prioritized my workload and made sure my customers were happy throughout the entire buying process, I would still have that account today.

The Digital Product Market

  • The digital product market is in its infancy stage which means it is only going to get bigger and bigger as time goes on. Hundreds of opportunities for entrepreneurs will open up daily, and the earlier you get your foot in the door, the better chance you have of huge success down the line.
  • When a market is in its infancy stage, there’s lots of uncertainty of whether or not it will continue to be profitable.


  • With the release of the next generation consoles, Sony, Microsoft and other console developers are pushing consumers to a more digital experience. So in the next 5/10 years, instead of buying physical discs for your games and movies, you’ll be forced to buy your games/movies online in the form of a digital download. You might have made the switch yourself already. If you purchase your games online whether it’s from the Microsoft store, PSN store, eBay, Amazon or any other site – you’re part of the future movement already.
  • Websites such as CDkeys and Kinguin were founded when digital codes were first introduced, they saw the potential in the business model of reselling codes, and they’re now generating millions per year in profit.
  • Digital codes started to become mainstream when Microsoft and PlayStation started charging people for their online services. Gamers now had to pay to play. If you were a 12-year-old kid at the time, you’ll remember the struggles of asking your mum for her credit card details to buy Microsoft points… ahh the nostalgia. However, a lot of users would purchase their memberships in-store. Most high street stores would stock Xbox live membership cards with a code attached. You would then use that code on your account which would activate your membership.
  • This model has since grown exponentially. All developers are now required to create their games to be available as digital downloads as well as physical copies. Subscription services such as Netflix, Photoshop, Anti-Virus software, and many more also now use digital codes.
  • As I mentioned at the beginning of this segment, the amount of growth this market will experience in the next 5-10 years is going to be exponential. In that time, you’ll see hundreds, if not thousands of new code resellers generating 6 figures each year by just reselling digital download codes.
  • So now that you have an understanding of the market, let’s jump right into what you need to get started.

What you need

The Essentials:

1. An eBay account – this is going to be the platform from which you sell. All your orders will come from eBay, no other marketplace apart from a few small ones accept the sale of digital products without you having to create a brand or have permission from the brand owner to sell their product(s). Another option is to build a website, this is a lot more work and will cost you a pretty penny to start but the upside is endless. I recommend starting with eBay to gain an in-depth understanding.

2. Access to the internet – try to use a fresh IP address that has not been blacklisted from eBay. If you, or anybody else in your house who uses the same IP address and has had an eBay suspension – I suggest looking into eBay Stealth Accounts because eBay are ruthless and WILL ban any account under a blacklisted IP address.

3. A verified PayPal account – PayPal will be used as your preferred payment method, again make sure this PayPal account hasn’t been used in conjunction with any other banned/suspended eBay account. Your IP address doesn’t necessarily matter with PayPal, it only becomes a problem when it’s been linked with a banned/suspended eBay account. It also needs to be verified, otherwise, you won’t be able to withdraw your hard-earned cash.


1. An account with – this service completely changed my experience as a seller. It eradicated most of the manual work and basically flicked on the auto-pilot switch for my business. I went from working 24/7 around the clock, to only putting in an hour of work per day… if that. What this website provides is an eBay plug-in which automates your orders, so when a customer places an order on your store, KeySender works it’s magic and delivers your order to the customer via eBay message and/or email in less than 3 seconds!.

(I’ve listed this as a recommended option, and not essential because when I first started out, I would send over the digital products manually. It took longer, and I had some disruptive sequences of events. As stressful as it was, it did give me an appreciation for the process, and it helped solidify my understanding of great customer service. Making your customers happy should be your main priority with any business. Jeff Bezos said it best - “look after your customers & employees and they will look after your business”. It’s sort of like a karma circle, you get what you give.)

2. A verified eBay account – this will allow you to access your funds instantly instead of waiting 21 days for them to be released.

Finding your products & researching

This is the point in most entrepreneurial journeys where people seem to find themselves lost. Don’t worry though, I’ve got your back – but first:


When I started searching for digital products to sell, I would google search things like Best digital products to sell online, bestselling digital products 2020, how to find digital products to sell online, how to find profitable digital products, selling digital products online.

I spent days endlessly searching and I couldn’t find anything worthy of selling. I’d lost hope but it was all because I was searching google for something that was too broad. I had exited the realm of searching for digital products before I even started.

You see, the chances of you googling “best products to sell online” and actually finding something profitable are pretty much 0. I bet you’ve even tried to do it yourself. You are not alone, in fact that search in itself is searched for by millions of people each month.

I needed to find another way, so I went back to my roots. I remembered that back in the day, I would buy cheap 48-hour Xbox Live codes from code selling websites.

This was my eureka moment.

I pounced over to all the code selling websites I remembered and started doing some price comparisons on eBay. I was in awe. I saw the profit potential in 100’s of games/memberships/DLCs. Some products would yield £50 in profit EACH SALE! And they were flying off the shelves, so I knew the demand was high!

That’s not even the best part though!

As my eyes turned to dollar signs, I made another revolutionary discovery. I realized I could implement a dropshipping model into this business. This made the dollar signs even bigger! That night, I don’t think I let my smile drop, I think I even fell asleep smiling.

(If you’re unfamiliar with drop shipping, it’s essentially a business model that allows you to provide products to your customers without holding any inventory yourself. This means no upfront costs whatsoever. You buy and send the product after your customer pays for it.)

So I started listing.

I spent the best part of 3 hours that night creating listings on my eBay store. I managed to list just over 15 games before I called it a night. I set my alarm for 7am and went to sleep, smiling of course ????.

I wake up at 7am sharp, I open my laptop, log into eBay and I see my notification bell with the number 89 next to it. I instantly think “something has gone horribly wrong or fantastically right”. Without hesitation I click the notification bell, and to my relief I see dozens of “Your buyer has paid, please ship now” notifications. I had to sit there for a while and process what had just happened. I even slapped myself across the face a few times to see if I was still dreaming. I was alive, infact, I’d never felt so alive at 7am in the morning. I’m not a morning person at all, but that morning I was.

Around 30 of those sales were for the physical items I was already selling, but the rest were for digital products. The digital products sales, in one night, had dwarfed the daily physical product sales I had worked for 3 years to build. Shit was about to get real. So I made a coffee and got to work and fulfilled all the orders.


Things have since changed.

3 years ago, there was no limit on how many digital codes you could buy in the span of 24 hours from the code reselling sites. This went on for over a year before the code sites, 1 by 1, implemented a restriction where you could only buy 5 codes or less in 24 hours for certain products.

I went from being able to fulfil 200+ orders per day to only 5!

I needed to find a fix ASAP, so I started searching for wholesale code resellers. Within a few days I had built up a network of a few code wholesalers and I was back in business!

If you would prefer to use a free method, there are a bunch of websites you can buy from (listed below). But please be aware of the purchase limits. They make it almost impossible to scale your eBay business.

They also hide the identity of their resellers which makes it 100x more difficult to find reputable people to buy from.

Some websites to buy codes from:






There are plenty of other websites out there, but there’s a few ones you can use to start out.

Creating your Listings

So, now that you have your product(s) in mind, it’s time to start listing on eBay! Before you do, make sure you have figured out your profit margins (remember, eBay takes a 10% fee of your final sale value and PayPal also take around 5%).


There are a lot of ways to structure your listings.

I prefer to keep it simple, straight to the point and easy to navigate.

Currently, I use a professional storefront template, it cost £100 to have it made for me, but it’s not necessary for when you’re starting out. When I started, I had huge success with just a simple listing formula.

So, lets break it down a bit. There are 5 main points which you want to focus on:

• Eye Catching Title

• Informative Subtitle

• High Quality Photo

• Comprehensive Description

• Fast and Free Shipping Title

Eye Catching Title

You want to make sure the title is full of rich SEO content, so things like: Name of product, Instant/Fast Delivery, Digital code, Key region, and console platform.

These will all aid in ranking your listing higher in eBay’s/Google’s search engine.

Informative Subtitle

This costs a small fee, but it’s a small price to pay for exposure. I recommend every listing has a subtitle. If you’re using, make sure you let the buyer know about the 3 second delivery times. If you’re fulfilling the orders manually, let the buyer know how fast they’ll get their order. The faster the better. When I first started, I’d say something along the lines of “100% buyer satisfaction, Fast Delivery within 1 hour”.

High-Quality Photo

A photo speaks a thousand words. To achieve the best results, Google image search the game/DLC/membership, find the highest quality photo and use that one. If you’re offering instant/fast delivery, it’s always a good idea to photoshop a little bubble into the corner with the perks. ie. Instant delivery, etc.

Informative Description

My best listings would always consist of a detailed overview of the product and how the transaction would work. So I’d mention things like how the buyer will receive the product, how fast they will receive it and my refund/return policy.

I would also go into a lot of detail about the product itself, I’d find all the info I needed from googling the product and copying the description from one of the top listings on page 1.

Fast and Free Shipping

When you’re listing the products, you want to make sure you set the dispatch time as “Same Day” and then add a 24-hour shipping service. This will rank your listing higher in the search engine and will also give buyers more incentive to buy from you. Although you’ve already stated “instant/fast delivery” in the title and subtitle, there’s something eye catching and trustworthy about seeing that green “Fast & Free Shipping” title.

Fulfilling Orders

I believe this aspect of your digital product business is extremely important. If you want to have a successful, long standing account with eBay, fulfilling your orders in a professional manner is key.

Digital products are one of the easiest, most convenient products to manage. You can fulfil as many orders as necessary with little work and even without leaving your home in some cases.

My method is slightly different.

There are two ways to go about this method. One will require trips to the post office and the other will require eBay’s pick-up service. You can choose to use your own methods in time, but to start out, please follow this one. It is all in the name of keeping your store up and running with minuscule chance of suspension. I’ve been using this method for over 2 years and I’ve not had a single issue since.

When your customer purchases a code from you, eBay will want some form of tracking for that order. They like to see that you are sticking to your promise of same-day dispatch, and if they see that, they’ll look at you as a trustworthy seller and won’t suspect you’re out to scam people. Also, if you add tracking numbers to your listings, you receive your funds much faster if you’re still a new seller. As soon as the tracking is updated to “delivered”, eBay/PayPal will release your funds.

As you have stated in your listings that you offer same-day dispatch and 24-hour delivery, eBay won’t be happy if you don’t add verified tracking numbers to the orders. They have a very sophisticated AI system that is constantly scanning all accounts for signs of suspicious activity.

To prevent any red flags from being placed on your account, follow this method:

1. You receive an order.

2. You fulfill that order.

3. For each order you receive, you will either print out the code relating to the order or write it down on a piece of paper

4. You place that code into an envelope and print or write out a shipping label.

There are two ways to send them off:

5. Just before the end of the business day, take any envelopes filled with codes and post them at the post office. Make sure you receive a tracking number for each envelope. I use 1st class postage, but you can use 2nd class if you want to keep costs down. On the receipt, each tracking number will have the buyer's post code attached to it so once you get back to your computer,enter the tracking number on each correlating order.


6. Use eBay’s Pick-Up service. eBay provides a pick-up collection service for those who do not want to or can’t go to the post office. They charge a fee for this, and in my opinion, I think you’re better off going the post office. That way, you will keep your costs down and it won’t eat into your profit margins as much. Plus, it will get you out of the house/office each day. We all need sunlight and fresh air at some point throughout the day!

7. Give your buyer some feedback!


As I mentioned earlier in the guide, revolutionized the way I operated my digital product store. I went from fulfilling 200+ orders manually to having it completely automated. I only had to send out the envelopes for tracking.

KeySender offers a service that fully automates your orders on eBay. All you’ve got to do is link your eBay account to your account on KeySender, upload your codes to their database and you’re done.

KeySender will send your code to your buyer via eBay message or email, it even does both at the same time if you want! Just set a mail template and it works its magic.

It even leaves feedback automatically!

All these features are completed within 3 seconds of the order! It keeps your customers happy and lets you relax knowing you only have to send out the envelopes.

Of course, a service like this isn’t free but it may as well be, because each code they send out only costs you £0.03 GBP, or $0.05 USD. So if you’re selling 100 codes a day, you’ll be paying £3 or $5. Doesn’t sound like much when your overall profit will be upwards of £300 or $500 per day, right?

Everything is logged and sorted in a way which is easy to manage. So when you come to packaging the codes into the envelopes, each transaction shows all the buyers eBay information! So easy!

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