How to make $200 Around Monthly


How to make $200 Around Monthly

Method 1

This method is based on the promotion of our instagram account. For this purpose we will currently use one of the best bots - - I recommend getting an annual package because May -50%

Quick Description Full Automation Instagram profile autofollow / autolike / repost / autocomment / Auto DM Target - Package with the possibility of connecting an unlimited number of accounts for a year for $ 180 in the promotion. The package with the possibility of connecting one account per month is $ 15 - (I recommend, however, obtain an annual package)

What will we earn from?

Nothing could be simpler, we can start earning with the help of affiliate networks and get % from each transaction of the person who will come through our link, start promoting special posts - brands very often offer several hundred dollars for one post

You are registering an account on the site fiVerr and you start selling accounts or follow instagram. For example, for 2000 unfollow you will earn $ 30 where the program will do it for you in less than 5 minutes. You can develop several or even several accounts at once, in exactly the same way. Then put them up for sale and earn money for your work.

Remember that all the work will be done for you on and you can go to sleep and the money will flow from the affiliation straight to your account. The links are clean without any affiliations

I recommend getting interested in this method because it is -50% on an annual plan

Method 2

An even faster way to earn, however, we must invest slightly more, but remember that it will pay you more than

You go to and buy an account - you can add 3 accounts to the bot from instagram After purchasing the account at , you configure the massloking module and add hashtags - #love # instagood #photooftheday #fashion #beautiful #happy #cut #tbt Payments can be made using paypal and you get instant bot access Massloking consists in mass displaying instastory from a hashtag and more, it can display up to 800,000 stories per day Per month, it can display up to 15,000,000 stories per account, for $ 50 we can connect up to 1 accounts, which will give us 45,000,000 stories per month is an instagram (I recommend investing in an annual Premium package because you can add up to unlimited accounts to the bot and save 300 $ by buying the package in advance.)

What do you earn on

It's very simple, you set up a bot in max 8 minutes and it does all the work for you. You can get up to 15,000 follow up for one month. An account with a 15k follow is worth over $ 150 and you spend only $ 50 for 1 such accounts, i.e. you earn over $ 425 in 8 minutes

I recommend getting interested in this method because it is -50% on an annual plan

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