How to earn up to $2,950 Weekly

How to earn up to  $2,950 Weekly

 How to earn up to $2,950 Weekly

Step 1. Register here:

This affiliate network doesn't openly take new signups but if you use that special link they will let you in These guys are great they got tons of products to promote & the best part is the high commissions they can be as high as: 

That's $295 per commission! Let's do some simple math now so you can see the potential for earnings: 

If you did 10 commissions @ $295 you would earn $2,950

Do you think you could sell 10 things in a week now?

It's very possible on the Internet & with the next strategy I'm about to show you, you won't even have to do most of the work yourself!


We can get traffic in a few ways.

1)We can re-upload popular youtube videos in those

niche & put your affiliate link in the description We can then boost these videos up with fake views from sites online like: 

Also if needed you can go on nulled & buy views for cheap. Buy some views for $3 - $4 to make $300 - $400 ;)

remember no one watches a video with 0 views, so you gotta fake it a bit until you make it. Then the real traffic Comes in. Also fake comments helps too.

2)This second method can make you a lot of $$

You can reach out to the owners of the popular videos

(videos with over 50,000 views) & offer them a % of the

commission you make from the sale if they put your 

affiliate link in the YouTube video description.

They might already be in an affiliate program so it might

not work all the time but if you contact 100 people a day,

some might say yes to you if you offer a good % of the


Your DM could go something like this "Hey I noticed you

got a popular video over here __drop the link __ I got

these affiliate items we could promote, if you insert the

link you can make $125 from the sale of every purchase.

Please consider it, you could make an extra $1,000 a

week from this & I will pay you promptly."

You might be thinking $125 a sale is a lot to offer but if

you get the other $165 from selling: 

for doing nothing besides sending a message you are

gonna end up with some decent $$ in your account

You could also automate this process further with a bot

or just outsource to cheap people online.

Get them to send the messages for you with your affiliate


3) if you have $ to spend you can always spend $$ to

make money. Get people with an e-mail list to send your

offer out for you for a %

Always make sure to pay them on time or else they won't

re-send out your next email. Be legit in this field and

others will be legit with you. 

If don't know where to find people with e-mail lists

there's sites on google that offer this service it's called e-

mail solo ads 


Solo e-mail ads can make you $$$ depending on the

quality of the list. Once you find a good list your earnings

can look like this: 

                                           So to recap:

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