What I need to start making money with this guide?

- Time (the most important)

- Internet

- English knowledge

- Patience

Let’s start. Get a cup of tea or coffe and you are good to go. 

                                Main Method 

need to ask you this question and after that you can start reading the Method.

- Have you ever heard about FitBit SE?

- If your answer will be yes, you can skip this part. If your answer is no, I will tell you right now what is FitBit SE. So what is FitBit SE?

It means that you get a free item from their Store without buying it. 

How can I do that?

1) You will need a FitBit Cracked account. And now if you are beginner like I was too, you will ask me how you can start cracking FitBit Accounts.

I will be honest with you, cracking FitBit Accounts it is pretty easy.

First of all you will need a Checker. Here you have the checker where I got all my FitBit accounts:

I recommend using it on VM/RDP or Sand Boxie to be 100% safe. I didn’t created this Checker so do that to be safe.

You will need a Combo List, you can get some from other forums like Nulled: . If you know how to create private combos will be easy for you to get more hits. 

You will need a Proxy List, you can get some from other forums like Nulled: . If you got Paid Proxies it will be better because you can check the accounts faster. REMINDER: This Checker is proxyless so when you are checking you don’t need PROXIES, you should use a VPN to hide your IP when you are checking because after some minutes your ip you will be banned for checking a lot of accounts. Using VPN you will be safe, the only thing you need to do when you get banned is changing the location and you will get another IP.

Some VPNs that I used: NordVPN, ExpressVPN, HideMyAss.

After you got the Checker Downloaded + Combo, you can open the Checker on a VM and you can start checking the accounts. When you get a hit, it will be like this:

Here are some accounts that I cracked. I think I used all of them to SE, but you can try some if you want.

2) After you are done Checking the Combo and you have some hits. You can continue reading this step. Remember that you need to check what FitBit you got and if is still in warranty. How you do that? Check when is purchased and if is less than 1 year, you can SE it.

Now you will need to log in to the account with a VPN and you will gonna start SE’ing it.

How you gonna do that?

It is pretty easy, you will need to go to settings and you will need to change the email to your email. After that you will need to confirm the email. After that change the name, the alst name and the country. After That go here: and press

“Live Chat”. After that choose your device and select the issue as “Other” . After some minutes you will start talking with FitBit Support. You will need to explain them that your FitBit Stopped working (it is not opening) or anything like that. They will ask when you bought it and other questions. Just tell them that was a gift. Here are some examples of Chat Logs with Succesfull FitBit Refunds:

You will need to Troubleshoot with them. So they will say something

like: “We gonna help you to resolve this problem” and after that they will say something like “Restart the FitBit”, you will need to say “Sure, let me try” or “Okey, give me a moment” and after 1 minute write them something like “Oh no, I tried and is still not working. What I need to do now?” they will tell you 2-3 more tips and you will need to say that is not working. Remember to be kind. After all, they gonna email you and you need to complete with an address where the replacement gonna be re- shipped.

That’s all you need to do to get free FitBits. Remember to be kind with their Support and clean you cache every SE and use different IP everytime you SE.

So here we are. Right now I will tell you how to make a lot of $ with FitBit SE.

If you are so lazy to SE them or you don’t want to do that. You can pay someone to do it for you. Here are some examples of SE Services for FitBit:

You will pay maximum of 50$ for a SE that you can do it yourself because I already told you how to do it. But if you don’t want to do it. Buy it from someone. I recommend to buy from someone if you don’t want to fail the SE, even is pretty easy. After you will learn how to SE pretty well, you can SE yourself some FitBit stuff for others on MPGH or other forums.

After you buy it, you will get it home.

Q: After I get it home what I need to do?

A: You will need to sell it on E-Bay or any other shops from your contry that are selling this kind of things. And for example FitBit Versa is 170$ on their shop: and you will pay only 50$ for it (you will pay the guy that gonna SE it, if you gonna SE it yourself, you won’t pay nothing). So it will be easy profit for you. You can sell it for like 125$. Don’t sell it like 150$ or more than that because nobody gonna buy that from you because they can get it from the original shop for 170$.

Where I sold them? 

- EBay

- Local Website there you can sell things from my country

- FaceBook

- Instagram

- IRL Friends

If you know people that are going to gym you can tell them that you are selling FitBits very cheap and be sure that they gonna buy from you if you are selling them for less than 125$.


- Try to SE once if you fail, try again until you will success. If after 5+ attempts to SE and no one was success, you should buy the SE from

someone and stop trying

- Don’t see on you address more than 3 times. Use different address.

- Don’t sell it higher than 125$

- If you got 10+ SEs with SUCCES, you can open your own shop on MPGH like others did

- Use a Premium VPN, not a free one. You can use cracked NordVPN accounts from Nulled or other forums.

- Use a VM or a RDP when you are checking the accounts to be SAFE!

- When you are buying a SE from somebody, remember to check his Reviews first. 

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