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I started eWhoring about two-three years ago and had zero success, I always wanted online cash and something like even $20 in my PayPal would be a miracle, I ditched trying after no success and recently returned about one to two months ago. I started looking through free packs and all the models did not look appealing to me at all, I wanted a model that awed me which in turn would ensure my customers would be awed. I started with $20 in my PayPal and started looking for cheap premium packs, I stumbled upon GuardianAngel's packs and found something cheap and the model was attractive as well. However, now came the hard part. Traffic sites. I see lots of people state something along the lines like "It's not the traffic, it's you. A person with good Social Engineering and Manipulation skills can redirect any traffic". Let me tell you right now, that's bullshit, it's more like "All traffic sites have potential buyers, some however will give a higher rate of potential buyers per X users and some will give a very low amount that isn't even worth trying for". Now ideally we want the higher rate. I eventually found a very nice traffic site which was barely saturated and full of horny men, and I men hundreds of them. Now another tip is find chat sites with one on one chats, which contributes to the method I'll introduce later, chat-roulette's also work however be warned most are saturated.

The first time I tried eWhoring on my traffic site I tried using Social Engineering, it took too much time and there was way too many time wasters. So I asked someone (who I credited in the introduction) for help, they told me to try another method, copy & pasting, which I will get into right now, rest assured it's effective and I feel good about the balance in my PayPal.

Setting up your eWhore

Now, this is quite simple, you only really need a couple of details for this method which I will list below:

Name-Choose a name that sounds sexy and turns people on, you can either come up with one yourself or a quick google search can find some. All men will find at least one name attractive no matter how bad it sounds, but you want a name that will attract the MOST men. For my first eWhore I chose "Sarah" which reeled them in easily.

Age-Obviously this depends on what your model looks like, ideally you want to go for a lower number that is still legal, I choose between 22-25 for my eWhores because:

a) The number is legal and for some countries the age of adult-hood is 21.

Men won't feel morally wrong buying from you if your age is appropriate, choosing an age like 18 may incite the ethics in some men and make them feel uncomfortable from buying from you.

Nationality-I recommend choosing somewhere you are from that is a FIRST WORLD COUNTRY. One main reason for this is because you are familiar with the country in two ways:

a) You are familiar with the country's general information and thus if a potential buyer from that country asks you some questions to verify you're real (which does happen) you have a strong answer, of course you can always Google it but one option is clearly more effective.

You are familiar with the regional dialect, again if a potential buyer from the country you are pretending to be from notices you speak differently or use different words they may be suspicious and believe you're a liar which is never good.

Now, I know what you're thinking, "Oh Vagues, what if they get turned off when they find out I'm from a different country as them?". They do not care, very few men actually care if you're from a different country from them and it doesn't turn them off, in fact they may be more excited since you're "exotic".

Cup Size-I know, you may ask "Vagues, I'm not a female, how the hell do I find out the cup size of my model, and why the hell does it even matter?" This matters because this again is a form of verification and mainly a source of turning on a guy. Many potential buyers will ask this question and if you have a clear determined response they will gain trust in you. Some people say to send them a picture of a bra and ask them to guess, which is bullshit just don't do it. Now the awkward part, how do you find out what cup size your model is? Well, the easiest way of course is pull up a picture of your model, preferably nude and one where her tits aren't at an angle. On Google search something like "Bra size chart" and well...compare, it really isn't that hard and if you're off a bit guys don't care because they can't tell accurately as well from just a picture.

Address-Go to fakenamegenerator.com, filter to your country and take an address you like. This will be needed for setting up various accounts.

Accounts you need

First of all, all this information I'm covering should be being noted in a word document, for accounts specifically if you ever decide to shut-down your current eWhore, it's probably best to try and shut-down as many of the accounts you made with that eWhore as possible (only if retiring the model completely).

PayPal: Absolutely crucial, most men will pay using PayPal, end of discussion.

E-Mail Account: Preferably Gmail, you will use this for your PayPal and other accounts.

Kik and/or Snapchat: These will be the chat apps we will redirect to in this method.

Dropbox/Google Drive: Will explain later in the method.

Skype (Optional): Some older folks only have a Skype account, might as well.

The Method

Alright, now for the exciting part, the method.

The premise of this method is essentially weeding out most time-wasters with minimum contact with users. Now how can we do this? Well, it's simple, the basis of this method is essentially declaring you're selling nudes/pics/etc. right off the bat so anyone completely uninterested won't even bother replying and thus wasting your time.

When we are finding users to sell to we primarily want to target the horny ones, look for usernames on your chat-site which clearly indicate they are horny, the reason we prioritize these usernames is because most chat-sites will ban you for spam if you just decide to start messaging every single user, by targeting we can only get the people who we might have a chance with. Usernames with genitals and sexual acts in it are gold, names with something to do with sugar daddies are even better. For age, try not to go for someone near the age of ~18 because they are young and chances are they won't pay, plus they're more smart and will be more resistant to caving. I find most success with people aged ~25-45 although you should always go for all usernames that look horny regardless of age, but again prioritizing people in that age-group first.

When you find a user, simply fix up a copy & paste, and send it and move on. Now the copy & paste you send is crucial, a good copy & paste has the following elements, I will also include a basic example.

Clear & Concise

Declaring you are selling stuff

Stating you are are giving previews (VERY IMPORTANT)-Names itself don't turn men on than pictures, if you have a really hot preview your chances of having a sale will skyrocket.

Here's a quick example.

"Hi, I’ll make this quick. I’m selling nude vids/pics/sexting (previews available)."

Notice, how it's clear and concise and follows the three guidelines above.

Once you start pasting these messages around, men will most likely start to message you and 90% of the time the first thing they will say is asking for a preview. Now a couple of quick guidelines for previews:

As mentioned above it needs to be sexy to the point it turns yourself on as well, that's how good it should be.

Choose a preview picture with your model in lingerie/underwear. NEVER and I repeat NEVER send a nude preview, people will run off with it almost instantly.

Choose a full-body picture, preferably one with both your tits and behind showing, mirror-selfies are decent but poses with an ass sticking out while showing tits are even better. This prevents people from asking for specific previews such as one asking for tits or another asking for ass.

If choosing a full-body picture DO NOT give more than one preview, there is literally no need, if you don't have a full-body picture just send a picture of the tits and ass separately IN UNDERWEAR/LINGERIE (NEVER NUDE) consecutively.

Be prepared for no response after giving a preview, they either ran off or maybe aren't interested, or they just wanted to see a picture. If you don't get a response don't sweat it, other people WILL message you as well, don't get stuck on one guy unless you're sure they are going to pay at that point you can shift your attention to them.

Redirecting Traffic

Alright, now this is important. Continuing on from the previews, once you send one and they reply, usually they'll say something complimenting you or whatever. It's important you keep the conversation on selling your products, don't get off-track. Say something like "Thanks, are you interested?" This way it shows you are actually real by replying specifically to their comments and you are staying on track, they'll say something like "Yeah", at this point it's time to re-direct them.

You're going to ask if they have Kik/Snapchat/Skype whatever accounts you had set-up. They'll either say yes or no, if they say no you can go for a last-ditch effort and ask for an E-Mail. If they say yes send them your username, sending your username as opposed to asking for theirs is much more efficient, it keeps you in control and lets them know they have an option or not, you also don't sound demanding, NEVER sound demanding when eWhoring, it's a total turn-off.

Securing a Sale

We're almost done here, so hang on. You've redirected to so called platform, you'll know because they added you. If they didn't add you after you giving the account, just drop it. One point of this method is again, to not seem demanding, you want to pretend they're desperate for you and want you rather than vice-versa. By this obviously they want you, but I mean pretend that you don't need them, pretend you have a million other guys ready to buy anyways. So don't pressure them into buying, don't double-text, don't seem like you actually care if they buy.

The first thing you want to do is ask for their budget, they'll either say a number, and a note here is if it super high, a good tip I've found on a thread is ask them if they can pay using a made-up paying service such as "PayQuick" if they say yes they are timewasters, only do this if their budget is super-high or you feel suspicious of them though, and by high I mean like $100+. If they don't give you a number and say something like "Money isn't a matter to me babe". You should offer a package that's medium priced, and very important you should say "I can sell you XX nudes and XX vids for XX, we can go lower or higher though." I find this is better than starting low and going up by increments because the lower amounts of pictures and videos you sell them the more expensive they seem, by saying that it also makes them feel they want to prove their male dominance and prove money isn't an issue as to not feel weak, and most times will go higher.

Once you settle on a price, ask how they want to pay. Send the appropriate information over, once you receive the money start sending the files. I find it useful to create a Dropbox account for your eWhore and set-up pre-priced packages as folders with the images and videos or whatever already in them, this way all you have to do is share the link with them (MAKING SURE IT'S VIEW ONLY).

Tips + Tricks

I'll briefly do some points here for other tips & tricks you can incorporate.

Keep track of all your customers on an excel sheet, in the future you can re-message them on the app you initially used to secure the deal (ex. Kik/Skype/etc.) and tell them you're having a sale or whatever.

Target people from first-world countries.

If the customers currency is valued higher than the USD or your own currency, when suggesting a price do not add a currency to it, chances are they'll pay in their own currency which is valued higher, at which point in PayPal you can convert to your own and get more. If the customers currency is valued less than the USD or your own currency, add a currency onto the price, when doing this use USD, since it is universally recognised and customers will feel more comfortable.

More tips coming in the future.


Congratulations, you've made it to the end, hopefully you've learned something new and at least attempt this method. Who knows, it may be more effective than what you use. If the method just doesn't seem to be working or you're confused on a step or have a suggestion feel free to comment down below or private message me and I'll try to help you out or add it. If you liked the method and appreciate the effort I've put in this thread feel free to vouch below. I want to again thank you for taking the time out to read this, and hope you benefit from this method.

I want to give a massive thanks to GuardianAngel for multiple things such as providing me with a HQ eWhore pack which helped contribute to my earnings for a cheap price, check out his packs I definitely recommend them, the models are attractive and the price is cheap. I also want to thank him for helping me out when I started eWhoring and getting me to where I am now, even though it hasn't been that long, he's a retired eWhore with tons of knowledge, this method by itself was suggested to me by him.


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