Create Your Own Clothing Store

Create Your Own Clothing Store

               Create Your Own Clothing Store/Brand 

There are 2 ways you can create your brand. You can either

- Make a website of a brand

- Use a website to promote a brand and get a revenue of sales.

I highly suggest using a website where you get a certain revenue of sales and the site does the rest until you start actually getting a lot of aales. I do not see a point of you setting up your own hosting/etc.. and the not even get sales and you end up losing out on $ when you shouldn’t.

I will be using the website for my examples. There are other sites out there just like teespring but I prefer to use this one.

If you want to start off making a brand new site right off the bat you can do that as well.

Now you will need to either design really cool and unique tee’s or find trending topics.

Now If you go into the homepage you will find trending tee’s/one’s that have already had a ton of sales. 

Create Your Own Clothing Store

If you live in the U.S you would know that there were a ton of victims in the Louisiana floods. That is a trend going on right now hence why they put this. They have said that all profits will go towards helping the victims. However there are people on the website selling for profit. I suppose a lot of people have morals so they wouldn’t want to profit off of this however this is just an example. You can do this on whatever you feel like doing. 

Create Your Own Clothing Store

Then what you will do is go ahead and design the tee. As you can see I made this in around 10 seconds worth of time since this is just an example however I will be using a bunny tee as an example. It shwos that for each sale you will net in around $8 per worth of profit. However if you want to make more you can just up the price of the tee if you’d like and also could add more features/etc… into the tee but it is not required. 

Finish it up. Add a url/everything else and press on launch. Now you have successfully launched your own campaign. That’s the easy step. The next step is getting targeted traffic. That is the more harder part. Now we have a bunny niche. I suggest making a facebook

page/Instagram page/twitter page about your Shop 

So now what you will do on detailed targeting is target your specific niche. Since mine is bunnies I will target people who like bunnies. I would target mostly women since girls are the main one’s who like bunnies. Languages I would keep as it and for age I would do a little bit younger people. For locations you can do any countries. Now you are all set and are ready to advertise your tee on facebook. You can use google ads as well as other sites but I suggest facebook.

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