How To Make Up To 30$ A Day with Low Effort (Still Working)

How To Make Up To 30$ A Day with Low Effort (Still Working)

                               Free Method for BHW

If you follow the steps and replicate this you can easily make the money back, probably within 24 hours if you actually take it seriously.

If you use bots and replicate this on other social medias you can probably make upwards of $150 a day which is pretty good, however to optimize this you should probably pay someone to automate it or do it with many accounts
You don’t necessarily have to follow all the steps here, there are probably many otherways to monetize through this platform that may be more beneficial for your specific use case.

What you need:
        - account
        - account

Step 1.

Create a account.
Step 2.
Make a mega folder or some other folder with files to any type of pictures/documents (make sure that these are not illegal or leaked, make sure that they are not copyright, otherwise you may not receive payout) (ofcourse you can use copyright content but I do not endorse this in any way shape form or fashion)

Step 3.

Put this link into the shortener and get a direct link from this website.

Step 4.

Upload the same images that relate to the images on and clickbait it.

Step 5. 

At the bottom under the pictures post your link + some message that makes them want to click
on the link.


Much more explanation isn’t needed.
If you have trouble with this just look at what other people do on this platform to monetize their content.

I posted one link for a very very niche influencer and have accumulated 8k views in just 5 days as well as the following revenue.
(this was only 5 minutes of work for your information)

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