How To Make Money Using Youtube Premium Tutoriall


How To Make Money Using Youtube Premium Tutoriall

How To Make Money Using Youtube Premium Tutorial


Welcome to Cash Stash, a new superb method to earn money to buy your first car or even an apartment. I would like to thank you for purchasing and I would like to let you know how this method works step by step. This is basically my personal method on how I (and you after reading this eBook) earn a lot of money with minimal effort.

Legal Disclaimer

This report has been researched and compiled with the intent to provide information for persons wishing to learn about making a profit using various online resources.Throughout the making of this consumer report, every effort has been made to ensure the highest amount of accuracy and effectiveness for the techniques suggested by the author.

The report may contain contextual as well as typographical mistakes. !None of then iformation provided in this report does not constitute a warranty of any kind nor shall readers of this report rely solely on any such information or advice. All content, products, and services are not to be considered as legal, financial, or professional advice and are to be used for personal use and information purposes only. This report makes.

no warranties or guarantees express or implied, as to the results provided by the strategies, techniques, and advice presented in this report. The publishers of this report expressly disclaim any liability arising from any strategies, techniques, and advice presented in this report. The purpose of this report is to educate and guide. Neither the publisher nor the author warrant that the information contained within this report is free of omissions or errors and is fully complete. Furthermore, neither the publisher nor the author shall have responsibility or liability to any entity or person as a result of any loss or damage alleged to be caused or caused indirectly or directly by this report. Income results may vary. The author makes no promises to achieve the same success.

No part of this report may be reproduced in any shape or form without the written permission of the author.

Terms of Service 

1. Unauthorized refunds will result in a scam report.

2. Any attempts to leak, chargeback or slander my product will result in no results at all.

3. Refunds will only be given after you have tried the method for 30 days and you need to have full proof that you haven’t made anything with this method.

4. I have the right to change my Terms of Service when I see necessary.

5. By buying this product you accept my Terms of Service.

                          Method #1 – eBaying 

With this method we will be earning money via eBay.

 You will need a couple of things before starting this method:

- an eBay account.

- a verified PayPal.

- funds to post the eBay auction.

With this eBay method we will be selling an iPhone 4s.You will have to start a new auction on eBay.

Place your iPhone 4s auction in the category: Cell phones &Accessories > Cell Phone Accessories > Manuals & Guides’ and put the title as title: ‘iPhone 4s - Guide - Great deal.

Put in a picture of an iPhone 4s.Now in the description you will put in a very small text (preferably grey) saying: ‘a guide on an iPhone 4s, by reading and buying this you agree that you won’t refund and that this is a GUIDE! By purchasing you automatically agree’. There is the catch.

After that, put in large text: ‘No refunds, PayPal accepted’.

When that‘s all done make sure to add free shipping to your listing.Once the customer purchased the ‘iPhone 4s guide’ you need to print.

The shipping label and head to the post-office.

                          Method #2 – Craigslist 

This method is related to the eBaying method.

With the craigslist method you will get more local transactions and the money will still come through PayPal and it will still be shipped.

You are basically advertising the exact same thing as with the eBay auction, however you will write a long paragraph for craigslist including You are paying for a guide’ in between the lines.

This will be your description on Craigslist:

‘’Thank you for deciding to look at an iPhone, I have a few extras and I'm willing to sell them locally. This will be $175 via PayPal.’’

Product information.

Explore high-quality efficiency and a wide range of applications with the sleek and stylish new iPhone 5s. This Apple mobile phone features a 4-inch multi-touch widescreen IPS Retina display, which supports 1136x640-pixel native resolution at 326 ppi.

Powered by a 64-bit Apple A7 processor and an M7 motion coprocessor, this Apple smartphone makes multitasking a breeze and lets you spare your battery power. The iPhone 5s is fully supported by iOS 8, which makes your day more enjoyable, which its great features. I hope you decide to purchase this guide on how to get an iPhone 5s, once you purchase you agree to the Terms of Service and no returns. Moreover, the 8MP rear iSight camera on this Apple mobile phone lets you capture beautiful photos and supports Full HD (1080p) video recording. The iPhone 5s comes in three metallic colors and three capacity options. What’s more, this smartphone supports 802.11n Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and 4G/LTE which ease your sharing and surfing experience.

 Product Identifiers

Brand                            Apple

Carrier                           Factory Unlocked

Family Line                    Apple iPhone

Model                             5s

Type.                              Smartphone 

Key Features 

Storage Capacity           32 GB

Color                                Space Gray

Network Generation.       2G, 3G, 4G

Network Technology        GSM / EDGE / CMDA EV-DO                                                      Rev. A and Rev. B /UMTS /                                                             HSPA+ / DC-HSDPA / LTE

Band                                    GSM/EDGE850/900/1800/                                                       1900; CDMA EV-DO Rev.a and                                                     Rev. B. 800/1700/1900/2100;                                                          LTE 1/2/3/4/5/8/13/17/19/20                                                         /25

 Style.                                   Bar

Camera.                               8.0 MP. 


Battery Type                       Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Battery Talk Time.              Up to 600 min

Battery Standby Time.       Up to 250 hr


Display Technology            Retina

Diagonal Screen Size         4 in.

Display Resolution              1136 x 640 pixels

Other Features 

Touch Screen                      Yes

Bluetooth                             Yes

Digital Camera                    Yes

GPS                                      Yes

Email Access                      Yes

Internet Browser                 Yes

Speakerphone                     Yes


Height                                 4.81 in.

Depth                                  0.3 in.

Width                                  2.31 in.

Weight                               3.05 oz


Release Date.                   9/10/2013

As you can see there, the ‘guide’ part is slipped in between the lines. Yet it still proves it’s point. Also be sure to include your email and say ‘Inquiries are available there’.

When someone messages you, fill them in and say ’I’m offering this to you for a STEAL, since you are the first to message me I’ll offer you $35 off’ (or pick any amount you want) whatever the case is, always send that to each inquiry whether they are first or not. Some will find it sketchy that they are first, others that are in a rush will se it as an opportunity to save money for free and snag it right up.

In this situation you will do the same as you did in the eBay method:

Have them pay, print a shipping label, and mail it ASAP!.

                              Method 3 – Advertisement. 

This method is all about advertising your ‘iPhone 5s guide’ sale through sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or with Skype, Chatrooms, Omegle and every other communication site what you can think of.


Use Clownfish to send out a link either to your eBay or Craigslist advert saying: ‘Hey, since you are a good friend I’ll give you a $35 discount on  my iPhone 4S.

Now the trick is to use clownfish on a Skype account with a decent amount of skype contacts. In most cases you should get some replies. If they day things like ‘I’m interested’, continue persuading them towards purchasing the phone (guide) and get a sale.


This way of advertising your ‘iPhone 5s guide’ is immoral, I personally wouldn’t do this for people like family members or good friends, or anyone that can beat your ass. However, friends of friends or just stupid people will be perfect for this. 

For this method don’t use eBay, just send the customer who is interested the details with the guide part snuck in the text and enjoy a sale from someone who can’t read .


This can be used autopilot most of the time, there are plenty of chat spam software out on the internet which can help you with this. You basically will go on the text part of Omegle and convince them to buy your ‘iPhone 5s guide’. 

This is basically the same as the Skype method but you’ll have to do this 1 by one. 


This hasn’t been tested yet but it should work just as good as the other methods depending on how many followers you have. I would guess that this method has at least enough vulnerability that someone would fall for it. 

Once again: Have them pay, print a shipping label, and mail it ASAP!. 

                             Method 4 – iOffer 

What you will be doing with this method is listing products from on eBay.

What is iOffer?

iOffer is a website full of fake products / replica’s for all kind of known brands. These are all A++ replicas and you can barely see the difference with the real products. 

It is very unlikely that the buyer will notice the difference.

I would recommend using Beats headphones with this method, but things like sunglasses also work very well in the summer. 

Now, once you’ve picked out and item, and made your iOffer account contact the seller of the item and make sure they understand  the item need to be shipped to your address, this isn’t dropshipping. 

After you’ve made the arrangements have the seller to ship the items to your house. Now that you have a seller set up you need to list the item on eBay. 

Go to eBay, and either make a new account, or use your current account. If you do not have 20+ feedback, I suggest you to get that first, as it will be hard to sell anything at all on eBay without 20+ feedback. 

Tip: there are plenty of people on Hackforums that will exchange feedback with you. 

If you are using Beats, I recommend you to list them for $140-$160, buy it now only. There is no point in adding a bidding process, as it is a waste of time. 

Make sure to make it so buyers have to buy the item when they click buy it now, and cannot hold it in their cart. 

Basically you are ordering from then reselling on eBay, this method makes you a large sum of profit.

                                 Payment proof 

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