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Affiliate marketing is a process where publishers earn a commission by using an affiliate link to promote a product or service made by another retailer or advertiser. The affiliate partner is rewarded a payout for providing a specific result to the retailer or advertiser.Typically, the result is a sale.

That was a brief description of affiliate marketing for those of you who didn't know what affiliate marketing is,there are certainly over a million programs and platforms that you can register to do affilaite marketing. In this book we will use JVZoo and a book that sells very well.

Register on Scaz's Affilaite Program;

You will need to register on the Scaz ' s Affiliate Program, then you will need to copy the links for books.

You will receive your affiliate link that will lead to the sales page of this product. What is this book about and why should we advertise it? 
Because it is suitable for a very large group of people that cannot become saturated and sells very well. 
That group of people are freelancers. Freelancers are mostly a very easy group to target because everyone is 
making money and everyone wants to make more money online. 
I' m going to show you how to target them by selling this book, you could literally sell the book 10 times a day making $370 a day and $11,100 a month.   

Different ways to advertise this book

The main way we will advertise the book is by looking for freelancers. What can we write for freelancers and how
can we advertise? We offer jobs to freelancers on Facebook, Reddit and freelancing platforms, but let' s start with Facebook and Reddit first.
For example, let'
s go to Facebook groups
and subreddits for web designers and write
a post: I' m looking for a logo designer who could make me a logo very similar to another logo, my budget is a maximum of $100. Contact me by email for more
Create a new email for each niche, preferred put some random name as mail:


Now here, whatever you write when you turn it on, that message will be automatically sent to anyone who sends you an email. So here are a few examples of things you could send to promote the book when you're looking for
logo designers:


Mail Title: Details about the Logo Design

Message: Hey, I would like a logo to be made similar to this logo from this site: (link to book affiliate link) 
My budget is 100 dollars, I really like the logo so see how you like it and if you could make something similar to it. 


Hey, I' m promoting this book by this guy and I wanted to replicate his landing page, so I need a logo similar to his, do you think you could make one similar to his logo? 
Link: (your affiliate link)


To be honest all I do is promote this guy 's book, I bought his book on the BlackHatWorld forum (where you can also see great reviews) so we make 50% of every sale.


Those were just a few examples of what you could write, let your imagination run wild and create your own messages too, you can also search for web developers, 
designers, translators, video creators, and many other categories. Here are the examples again: 
Web Developers: You can ask them to build you a site similar to mine Designers: The same to create a website, a logo, something from the website. Translators: To translate the site into a language. 
Video Creators: Could you make a video advertisement for this book since I am an affiliate and the book is very good. 
These were of course just examples for you, shake your head a bit and you can hit winning combinations that would bring you $200+ a day. 


  Create multiple emails, one email for each category so you can send different messages for different categories, experiment with the categories that bring you the most sales. 

Where to place those ads?  

The two biggest places you could advertise are Facebook groups and subreddits. 


On Facebook, you can search for group searches suchas: freelance, freelancing, hire, jobs, internet jobs, earnings on the Internet, web designers, programmers, fiverr, freelancer, names of other gig platforms, and similar searches, think about it.



On Reddit you can do all the same searches as on Facebook and post your posts, you can also use SMM panels like JustAnotherPanel to buy some upvotes and 
likes purely to get your posts popular. If you really want to do this in bulk, I recommend that you do this in the Incognition browser so that you can upload to both Facebook and Reddit from multiple accounts. And proxies of course. If you had some kind of automation/bot that posts for you, it's possible that you could also have passive income.  


Freelancing platforms

On the right you have a list of gig sites like fiverr what you can do here is contact hundreds of freelancers every day with book related questions. This will be even easier for you if you have already bought or sold a lot on fiverr and those other platforms because you will be able to contact hundreds of people without any problems every day. 

What people who know about programming can do is create a bot that will contact people on these platforms. 


Hire Websites 

These are sites where you post a job and
how much money you want to pay for it.
Then a mass of people come and start
Here you can do the same messages, only
they will be seen by hundreds and hundreds of people.
Great way to promote the book again.


Buy a domain that redirects to your affiliate link 

Since E-Junkie links would look stupid if you posted them, buy a domain for $1-2 and just redirect it to E-Junkie affiliate link. You can buy a domain and call it freelancing book, best book for freelancing or whatever, just to keep it short, I recommend it, and to make it look nice. I will not show you a tutorial on how to redirect a domain that you buy, since you have a small million of them. You can also use url shorteners like tinyurl and


You can also use other methods 

You can go to linkedin and register there for free advertising credit, you can also leave your affiliate link in your profile bio. You can use automated programs to visit other people's profiles and thus earn money. You can make social media reels or do any kind of advertising, as this seller approves all kinds of advertising.

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